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12 Instagrammers You Should be Following

Instagram and I were kind of love at first site. Since I joined a couple of years ago, it’s easily become my favorite social media spot, surpassing even Pinterest in my heart. (Shh, don’t tell Pinterest.) I love the power of a photograph to transport and transcend, to captivate the soul and spark the imagination.

As I’ve gotten more involved in the travel blogosphere, I’ve discovered numerous Instagram accounts with gorgeous, amazing, inspiring, unique, touching photos from around the world. Check out the 12 Instagram accounts below (listed in no particular order) to induce some serious wanderlust.

Note: All these accounts belong to individuals, not corporations or tourist bureaus, who post their own photos (as opposed to “re-gramming” other people’s pics). I’m not receiving any compensation for mentioning their accounts here—I genuinely like them all. You’ll notice I have a weakness for sweeping vistas and nature scenes!

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This nomadic family of four has been on the road for years and is currently in Peru. They offer a unique take on slow travel, traveling with kids, and getting up close and personal with another country.


The French phrase à travers le monde translates to around the world, a fitting title for an account with photos from destinations, well, around the world. Captions are in French but with their beautiful photographs, nothing will be lost in translation.


This Vancouver, Canada-based outdoor photographer presents images of pristine wilderness in such vivid color, you will want to grab your hiking boots and head for the mountains.


Another outdoor travel photographer, Christian’s photos invoke the sense of soul-restoring peace that only the great outdoors can give.


A professional photographer for National Geographic, Jonathan Irish and his partner are currently traveling around the United States in an Airstream with the goal of visiting every National Park in one year. Be prepared to wish you’d chosen Park Ranger as your career so you could bask in these locales every day.


What do you get when you put a soul-searching Irishman and his tent in Africa? Fascinating photos of places you’ve probably never even seen, let alone thought to visit. He doesn’t post very often (lack of Internet access/WiFi probably being the culprit, given some of his locations), which just leaves you wanting more. His blog also has gripping stories, filled with raw honesty, of his solo cycling tour from the southern tip of Africa to the Mediterranean.


Ryan Resatka is a California-based, self-described “adventurer, musician, wanderer.” His photos reveal a nature-loving, free spirit you’d love to tag along with.


This account, too, belonging to Canadian Amber Birch, will make you crave time in nature, particularly if hiking to scenic summits is involved.


Judging by the coordinates posted with each image, I’m going to make an educated guess that this Instagrammer is based in Florida. Regardless of home base, the photos of beach, ocean, wildlife, and more will have you dreaming of a weekend in the sun.


The roaming photographer in question is Witt Duncan who has a noticeably high number of photos of African wildlife and rural bush landscapes. Safari, anyone?


As the name implies, Travels with a Kilt is a Scottish bloke whose photos capture the awe-inspiring sweep of the Highlands as well as the stateliness of medieval castles. Sometimes he even posts photos of himself in these scenes, sporting—what else—a fetching kilt, presumably with his clan’s tartan.


Kym Pham plans and leads one-of-a-kind travel experiences for people who want to take their connection with themselves and their lifelong dreams to another level. Her photos—primarily of Iceland and Norway—and eloquent captions tug at your heart strings and rekindle your belief in the magic of the universe.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fabulous travel Instagram accounts out there. Who would you add to this list?


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