Stirling Castle, Scotland


Marni Myers

Not to brag, but I kind of have a reputation for taking amazing trips. My work cubicle is decorated with large-scale photos from past travels and it’s a given that I’m always planning my next expedition. I use every hour of vacation time I earn every year. In this era of “use it or lose it” vacation days (at least in the United States), I am clearly an anomaly.

In every job I’ve had, my non-stop chatter about my travels gradually affects my coworkers. Over time, they start to think taking a proper vacation is a good idea. They ask me what I pack in my carry-on and what’s the best time of year to go to Italy. Sometimes they even ask me to help them plan a trip, which I am always delighted to do.

(I’m kind of bossy, so telling other people where to go and what to do on their trips is right up my alley.)

Being in a new place feeds my soul like nothing else. When I’m traveling, all my senses are engaged and my mind is focused only on the present. It’s this unparalleled sense of being alive that beckons me to get on the road whenever I can. I also love travel planning. Anticipating a trip heightens the enjoyment of the experience, like reading a restaurant menu before going out to dinner.

I hope you will read my stories and tips and, like my coworkers, determine to take a proper trip this year. If you’re overwhelmed by the planning process or you don’t think you can afford it, email me for help. I’d love the chance to be bossy one-on-one.

A few interesting things about me

I have been to more than 30 countries and somewhere around 35 US states. Airport layovers do not count.

I have ridden a camel and an elephant (not in the same trip) and since I was a kid visiting the zoo I’ve wanted to ride a giraffe. Unfortunately, I don’t think giraffes are rideable. If you know otherwise, please contact me ASAP.

I once climbed a (small) section of the Great Wall of China. My legs got so tired that I had to recite multiplication tables on the way down to ward off a complete breakdown and I could not walk beyond a hobble for the next three days.

I’m an unabashed fan of the US states of North and South Dakota—two spectacular, underrated places. Undulating prairie for miles and miles, bison roaming freely, the Badlands giving way to dense forest, impressive Mount Rushmore…. What’s not to love?

I have several dozen photos of baby tortoises, teenaged tortoises, and some adult tortoises, taken at a giant tortoise breeding center in the Galapagos Islands. Tortoises really are up there on the cute scale, especially the babies. I’m convinced that if we had more pet tortoises, they’d be just as popular online as cat videos.