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Snapshot: Neist Point Lighthouse
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Neist Point Lighthouse is perched on a narrow spit of land on the Isle of Skye’s northwestern coast. It sits high above the waves where the wind howls around it constantly, looking towards the islands of the Outer Hebrides.... Read More

How to Make the Most of Every Travel Day
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Most of us don’t travel full-time. Most of us, including me, have only a few weeks of vacation time every year during which we can leave our jobs and real lives behind to visit someplace different. Traveling requires an... Read More

How to Choose the Right Group Tour
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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m a big fan of group tours. It can be nice to have someone else take care of logistics and transportation so all I have to do is have a good time.... Read More

9 Reasons to Visit North & South Dakota
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Imagine falling asleep to only the sound of the wind. Imagine waking up not to an alarm but to the sound of birds and the tickle of sunlight on your eyelids. Imagine being in the middle of hypnotically undulating... Read More

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